It’s all about having fun and staying healthy.

Yes, it is hot and sticky outside, but that should not stop adults from having healthy passionate consensual and sultry sex. Here are some spicy and healthy tips for summer love-making.

1.   Take a tropical vacation in the bedroom – If you can’t travel to an exotic location this summer, no worries, you can still create your own magical experience with a very effective lubricant that will add new flavors to your sex life. Coconut Oil will transport you to the tropics without an expensive plane ticket or the sunburn.

Want a quickie trip to Italy?  UseExtra Virgin Olive Oil as your lubricant. These are both perfectly natural slippery lubricants that people have been using for centuries that are also sensual, tasty and keep your skin healthy.  Can you say, DIY? One piece of advice: Don’t use these with condoms as they may reduce the effectiveness.

2.  Sex at the Beach – When you’re lucky enough to find enough privacy to have sex at the beach, start by sprinkling a lot of baby powder on each other, which gently removes sand from skin. Not only is it a sensual, gentle and a smoothing way to remove unwanted sand, but using baby powder or cornstarch will help avoid the pain of feeling as if the top layer of skin has been exfoliated with a belt-sander. No one wants to end up with a chafing rash from all the hot friction.

3.  Take a bath or shower with your partner – Start your hot steamy sex by cooling off first in the shower. To make showering provocative, turn off the lights, light a candle and turn on the music. If you need a lubricant use one with a silicone base. Lather each other up using just your bodies or a soft cloth. Make rinsing more seductive by bringing in a large plastic pitcher to pour water over each other slowly. You can also do your part to conserve water by showering with your partner. It’s good for your sex life, the environment and your water bill.   If you even want to save more water, enjoy a passionate sponge bath together!

4.  Bring a bucket of ice to your bedroom – When your partner’s skin is sizzling, run a single ice cube along their arms, legs and other more sensitive places on their body.  As things get hot and steamy, using a little ice will cool down the flames and keep everyone comfortable, while prolonging the fun! If you’re having fun with oral intimacy, take a break, suck on an ice cube so that your mouth and tongue are cooler and then resume. You can make it more fun by asking your partner to close their eyes or provide eye shades and let them guess what you’re doing. 

5.   Avoid sex in a pool, lake or ocean – It may sound romantic, but it isn’t healthy to have sex in a swimming pool, lake or ocean.  Instead grab a blanket and find some privacy near the water’s edge.  Sex in the water can cause numerous bacterial infections and can be uncomfortable.

6.  Don’t wait for the weekend – Too often we get caught up in our hectic lives and put off intimacy until the weekends and yet after a BBQ, a few cocktails and lots of relaxing in the sun, many people are too tired to connect with a partner. So don’t wait for the weekend or after dark. Surprise your honey with some morning and mid-week love making. Set your alarm and let your partner in on your secret so that they can be prepared. 

Have fun and let me know your favorite summer sex tips.

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