a mother in a khaki shirt breastfeeds a baby in a light blue onesie

Breastfeeding Moms: Why our Underarms Swell 

Did you know that many women have breast tissue that actually extends deep into our underarms? 
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elderly man sitting with baby in hospice bed

The Caring Power of Hospice

There are many misconceptions about this very valuable kind of care. Many people think hospice is just for the last weeks or days of a person’s life, but accessing this care much earlier can bring a higher quality of life for the loved one who is ill.
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male doctor holds up heart plushie and stethoscope

Do I have Atrial fibrillation, Arterial disease, or an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm?

Recently, one of my patients told me that her mom, who lives in the Midwest called her to let her know about Life Line Screening, which offers five different screening tests for cardiovascular risks and for bone health.
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the gift of craft

Holiday Crafting Tips from California Live

I shared ideas for homemade gifts that are not only fun for you to make, but also special creations to send to a friend or family member.
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