Nurse Barb Dehn’s passion for health and wellness is reflected in the variety of interest groups, organizations, and nonprofits that request her assistance in helping them reach more people with health education.

Her passion and commitment to health and wellness is unparalleled. A variety of diverse groups, organizations, and nonprofits request her expertise, access and insight to help them reach a wide range of audiences through health education. If you’re looking for a keynote speaker, workshop leader, medical consultant, patient advocate, spokesperson, or media personality, her reach and impact make her a go-to source.  If you or your organization wish to explore one of the following areas please send your request by clicking here.


With over 5.0 million copies in print, Nurse Barb’s Personal Guides to Health are designed to inform and empower on health care topics ranging from pregnancy and breastfeeding to menopause and bone health. All titles are available in English, Spanish and some in traditional Chinese. She also writes for The Huffington Post, The Patch, KevinMD and her own health blog, Nurse Barb’s Daily Dose.

 Barb is the author of three books : 
The Hot Guide to A Cool Sexy Menopause
Nurse Barb’s Personal Guide to Pregnancy
Nurse Barb’s Personal Guide to Breastfeeding


Nurse Barb is  a trusted medical advisor and consultant for over 30 pharmaceutical and biomedical device companies, consumer brands, philanthropic organizations, medical associations and industry start-ups. A medical insider, she is a trusted resource for family health care initiatives, patient advocacy and the latest in medical technology and innovations.

She provides a unique and valuable perspective that combines her years of in-the-trenches high-touch patient experience with her strategic, entrepreneurial track record for DTC, B2B and B2C projects and initiatives. Her advice has been a behind-the-scenes asset for numerous household name brand products in everyone’s home from the initial research phase to roll-out.

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Patient Advocate

“It’s about receiving the right advice leading to the right intervention at the right time,” says Nurse Barb Dehn, who makes medicine relevant and understandable. Her friendly personal style and talent for explaining complicated health matters have made her a popular health expert online, on television, in print and in person.

As a former pediatric ICU Nurse, with her social media clout, Nurse Barb can amplify the reach of any initiative.

Nurse Barb Dehn for Speaking and Personal Appearances

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Spokesperson & Influencer 

Nurse Barb Dehn provides her seal of approval and endorsements only to the best in health care. She only endorses products or services that she has researched thoroughly, that she recommends and that help empower people to make the best decisions for themselves and their families. Leveraging conventional broadcast media, online blogs and a commanding social media presence with over 33k Twitter followers, she delivers built-in audiences and is able to amplify promotional messages.

Medical information is often overwhelming. Having a spokesperson with years of experience giving keynotes, SMT’s, RMT’s live television interviews and personal appearances, to engage with an audience immediately, seamlessly weave in all the key messages, answer every question and communicate with warmth is an asset that many major brands have recognized in Nurse Barb.