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Many of us feel like we’ve lost control of many aspects of our lives from Covid-19. Your body, mind, and spirit have all been affected. You can take back control of your wellbeing.

Our world is especially in a state of constant change from the Covid-19 Pandemic. No matter where you live now is the time to look at your health, your psychological, and emotional well-being. Ask yourself: What do you need to do to feel physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared for the next set of challenges our world will be facing during and post the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Here’s an opportunity to join me in 19 days of health and wellness challenges. Don’t worry, there will be some splurging and lots of fun along the way. Be sure to share your photos, videos, and experiences to help inspire others.  

Ready?  Before we start, please take a moment and jot down or record what it is you’d like to accomplish over the next 19 days. Maybe you want to lose 3 pounds, or be able to fall asleep more easily. Maybe now’s the time to improve your strength and fitness or reduce your alcohol intake. 

Here’s what to do:

• Grab a notebook and start by writing down your goals for the next 19 days.

• Then each day, note the name of the challenge and put a checkmark next to it when you’ve completed it. And jot down any thoughts, insights or surprises you experienced

•  Feel free to invite friends, but remember this is not a competition, this is your personal journey.

Here’s a snapshot of what is in store:

Day 1: Improve Your Immune System by increasing movement.

Day 2: Energize Yourself with Healthier Snacking

Day 3: Ease Your Anxiety through Mindfulness and Meditation 

Day 4: Improve Your Patience & Productivity:  Sleep Hygiene 

Day 5: Spark Your Joy with Playtime & Creativity

Day 6: Life is Wonderful!  Express Your Gratitude by Being of Service 

Day 7: Splurge Day!  Be Good to You, You Deserve It! 

Day 8: Make Your Way Out:  Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Day 9:  Focus Your Mind using affirmations

Day 10: Healthy Diet Check: Cooking and Enjoying a Plant-Based Dinner

Day 11: Stride with confidence: Strengthening Your Core 

Day 12: Tapping into Your Resilience: Writing Your Story

Day 13: Becoming Clutter-Free: Getting organized. 

Day 14: Tap into Your Feelings with Drawing or Coloring

Day 15: We Are Interconnected: Taking a Photo of Nature 

Day 16: Expand Your Perspective: Observing something new

Day 17: The Value of Connection:  Reaching Out. 

Day 18: Nourish Your Soul: Take a virtual stroll.

Day 19: Your Limitless Potential: Reviewing your Notebook

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