7 Secrets for Getting Pregnant with a Boy

Many couples want to increase their chances of conceiving a healthy baby of a certain sex. This post will cover how to increase your chances of having a boy. I’ve also written a post on how to increase your chances of having a girl.

Amazingly enough, there really and truly are some things you can do to increase the likelihood that you’ll conceive a baby with your desired sex. I’m going to pass along the advice I’ve picked up from experts over the years. This is not guaranteed, but it is better than flipping a coin.

Broccoli & Bananas

First, the male partner must eat lots and lots of broccoli. Just kidding! That’s an old wives’ tale. But some recent research found that men who had higher potassium levels were more likely to have boys. So if you’re not worried about diabetes from the high glycemic index and number of carbs in bananas, then, by all means, have 1-2 day.

Male Sperm Biology 101

Male sperm that produce boys have some unique characteristics which are different from female sperm. The biologic basis for the recommendations to conceive a boy are that male (Y) sperm:

  • Swim more rapidly than female sperm
  • Don’t survive as long as female sperm
  • Like an alkaline pH in the vagina

How to increase your chances of having a boy

I am not guaranteeing that these will work, however they may improve your chance of conceiving a baby boy.

  1. Boxer shorts – Have the male partner make a habit of wearing boxer shorts for weeks prior to trying to get pregnant. And while you’re at it, avoid hot tubs and saunas – Male sperm are more fragile and sensitive to heat than female sperm. So keep the boys happy, cool and not cramped up close to the body.
  2. Avoid sex prior to ovulation – This helps increase the number of male sperm.
  3. Predict your ovulation – Use an ovulation prediction kit (OPK) you can buy in the pharmacy to figure out the exact day of ovulation.
  4. Timing is everything – Check the cervical mucus. Around ovulation, it should be thin, clear and resemble uncooked egg white. You should see that it pulls apart into a long string easily.
  5. Do have sex on the same day that ovulation occurs – You can also predict ovulation by checking your basal body temperature (BBT) each morning and charting it. You can download my free BBT chart complete with instructions here. (link to free downloads)
  6. Cough syrup – Have the female partner take a tablespoon of cough syrup that contains guaifenesin the day of ovulation. It’s thought that this will thin out the cervical mucus, making it easier for the male sperm to swim up to find the egg.
  7. She comes first – Make the vaginal environment more alkaline by making sure the female partner has an orgasm prior to intercourse, which will help change the pH favoring the male sperm.

I hope this helps you conceive a healthy baby boy! And if you use these techniques and have a boy, please send along your ultrasound photos and baby pics! Good luck!

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