A Mammogram? Breast Ultrasound? MRI? – Who Gets What?

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Why Do I Need a Breast Ultrasound?Heather was just notified that in addition to her mammogram, it was also recommended that she have a breast ultrasound because her breast tissue was dense. She was confused. Why do I need that, she wondered? Is there something wrong and why didn’t they just do the ultrasound in the first place?

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My Life Line Screening Experience

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The opinions and experience expressed in this video are those solely of Nurse Barb Dehn and do not represent those of Life Line Screening.” 

Hi, I’m Nurse Barb. I have many patients who ask me about health screenings, but oftentimes they’re not covered by insurance or the cost is prohibitive. That’s why I’m here at Life Line Screening because they offer five different screening tests. They’re pain-free, quick and provide helpful information to you and your healthcare provider.

I thought I’d get these done myself so I could show you just what’s involved.

Hi. Good. Nice to meet you. I do right now.

The mission at Life LIne Screening is to detect disease. The five main screenings are carotid artery, abdominal aortic, aneurysm screening, peripheral arterial disease. And osteoporosis. We also do an EKG to check for atrial fibrillation.

Life Line’s been around since 1993, with 57 teams. We’re finding disease every day. We have all kinds of people who come over to our screen with different backgrounds, different demographic race.

The first test that I had was an ultrasound for my carotid arteries and the carotid arteries provide blood flow to the brain.

Sometimes a clot can form in the carotid arteries and travel to the brain, causing a stroke. Black is a fat buildup that is calcified inside your carotid artery. The second test I had was an ultrasound for abdominal aortic aneurysm. And that’s also known as triple a. This is a silent condition until it’s not.

And my dad had a triple a, but luckily it was found during a screening and he could be treated. The aorta is the big blood vessel that leaves the heart and provides blood flow to the rest of the body. So if there’s an aneurysm or a ballooning or a stretching, it can rupture and people can bleed and it’s a life-threatening emergency.

The third screening that I had looked at peripheral artery disease. So they used an ultrasound to make sure that the blood vessels that are supplying my arms and my legs are in good working order without a lot of atherosclerotic plaque determines if you have a low pressure on your legs, it may have a high risk four to five times of having a heart disease.

The next test I had. It was a screening test for atrial fibrillation. I had an echocardiogram. We put the electrodes on your arms and legs to determine if there’s an abnormal heart with atrial fibrillation. What happens is the two top chambers of the heart. They don’t pump effectively. They kind of vibrate or fibrillate.

That means that. Lud can pull in those atria and that can lead to a blood clot that can go to the lungs

The final test that I had was a screening test for osteoporosis. This is super important for someone like me. Who’s over 60 because as we age, we can lose bone mineral density. We can develop the bone loss or osteoporosis putting us at greater risk for fracture. One of the reasons that I like lifeline screening so much is that they use community centers just like this.

They meet people where they are. That means they’re providing screenings for people who work full time, people who can’t go and see their healthcare provider as easily. Like many people, you may not have access to health screenings. And that’s why I’ve teamed up with lifeline screenings. As an affiliate, you can get a package of tests.

We can tell you whether you have disease present or not, and you can follow up with your primary care. If you use the Nurse Barb code – Call (844) 558-0996 and give the code: LMAC013, I’ll donate part of my proceeds to fame hospital in Tanzania, where I volunteer. That way you get helpful information and you’re helping people halfway across the world, get healthcare, take care and be well.

Do I have Atrial fibrillation, Arterial disease, or an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm?

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Recently, one of my patients told me that her mom, who lives in the Midwest called her to let her know about Life Line Screening, which offers five different screening tests for cardiovascular risks and for bone health.

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