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There’s never been a better time for women’s health, especially, women’s sexual health. To enhance your summertime, well anytime pleasure and satisfaction, here are a few more tips.

#1 Lelo Sona

The life-changing, relationship-enhancing sex toy. This is especially wonderful for women over 45 and beyond, who tell me that their orgasms just aren’t rocking their world and take forever, and I mean so much more time, that people give up and go to sleep. Well!  Not now!  I’ve been recommending this clitoral stimulator for years and my patients, friends, and family all love it, and yes me too! 

Instead of 45 minutes of work, the 360 degrees of vibration, which can be modified in many ways, gets the party started in seconds and leads to an out of this world, intense, earth moving, all-is-right-with-the-universe experience. I’ve had patients with huge smiles and a special twinkle in their eyes come up to me in grocery stores and whisper: Lelo Sona!  Thanks so much for telling me about this.

And, it’s about $99.00 on Amazon

#2 Ristela: This is an herbal supplement, that does not require a prescription. It increases blood flow to the genitals naturally from the ingredients: Pycnogenol, arginine, and citrulline. After 2 months of taking 2 tablets each day, women reported a 75% increase in Orgasm and Sexual Satisfaction.  

Because Ristela may also lower blood pressure, women who are taking medication for their blood pressure should check with their healthcare provider.

#3 Vyleesi:  This is only the 2nd medication approved by the FDA for women’s sexual health. It helps younger women, that is women who are pre-menopausal who have a low sex drive, low interest in sex or what you may know as a low libido.  This will be available in about 6 months. It’s given as a quick auto-injector in the thigh muscle, most people barely feel the medication going in and it starts to work within 45 minutes. The most common side effect is nausea, which affected about 40% of users.  This is why many of us are talking to the manufacturer about advising prescribers to also provide an anti-nausea medication for women who want to use it.

Stay tuned!  As I learn more about ways to improve your sex life, I’ll be reaching out!

Have FUN in the Sun and in the Bedroom,

Nurse Barb

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