How can you tell?  And what should you do?

It’s difficult because the symptoms of a cold and the symptoms of the flu are often similar, such as cough, runny nose, and sore throat, however, there are some differences: 

Here are some differences:

• Cold symptoms usually come on slowly, with mild symptoms like a cough, runny nose, sore throat.

• People with a cold can usually function with their symptoms.

• The Flu usually causes a fever, chills and aching muscles and joints.

•  The Flu typically hits people like a fast-moving train with a rapid onset of symptoms like profound fatigue, where just getting out of bed is an ordeal. 

What to do?

• First of all, it’s not too late to get your flu shot

•  Always listen to your body. If you’re experiencing severe symptoms, contact your health care provider.

• For the very young, the very old and pregnant women, the Flu can cause severe complications like pneumonia.

•Do wipe down:  grocery cart handles, airplane trays, and the backs of airplane seats behind the trays.

• Prevent the spread of colds and the Flu by washing your hands, using tissues for coughs and sneezes.

• Keep your immune system healthy all year round, and especially this time of year. That means plenty of sleep, reducing or eliminating alcohol, smoking or vaping, and eating healthy nutritious meals.

• If you don’t feel well for any reason, then stay hydrated.

– Use honey and lemon tea, water, jello, juicy melons or grapes

– Good old fashioned chicken soup

– Hot and sour soup or wonton soup work well

• For sore throats, This is tried and true, gargle with warm saltwater. The salt helps clear away the mucus film coating the throat and helps your immune system fight the microbes causing your symptoms.

• Rest, rest, rest and more rest. Did I mention rest?

• Supplements that work to boost your immune system

– Tumeric

– Zinc works well on your throat, try the lozenges and the throat spray

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