This is an update to my previous blog Happy and Healthy in High Heels

After I wrote it, I received a package filled with Dr. Scholl’s inserts for both flats and heels. Well, now that my feet are feeling very cushy and cared for, I think it’s only right to report back on my experience with these inserts.  

In full disclosure, I was not asked to write this, nor have I received any financial compensation for updating this blog. I did call them and had a nice conversation about the science and research that goes into the foam and gel inserts.

Inserts work!

I thought I’d put these Dr. Scholl’s Stylish Step, High Heel Relief inserts to the ultimate test: A 2-hour event, speaking to a large group of Nurse Practitioners in San Antonio, Texas, where I’d be on my feet and in my heels the whole time.

These looked great with my dress: 

I used these Dr. Scholl’s Stylish Step High Heel Insoles:

What I noticed is that I didn’t notice my feet!  Unlike previous events in these shoes where I was conscious of a little pain in the ball of my foot after about ½ hour, I was completely engaged in the event without any nagging pain traveling up from my feet. I was not distracted by any discomfort. Wow!  What a difference.

A Wedding!

Ok, well, I needed one more data point. So, I wore the same shoes for a wedding this weekend and where there was a 2-hour cocktail standing event followed by dancing!  And, since I love to dance, these insoles were once again my little secret for comfort.  

How do they work? 

These insoles are designed to support the entire foot so that your weight gets re-distributed away from just the ball of the foot to the entire arch and heel. Aha!  So it’s more like walking barefoot on cushy pillows not going tiptoe on something hard. 

What about my flats?

I mostly wear flat shoes to work when I see patients at El Camino Women’s Medical Group in Mt. View, CA.  I slipped in the green foam insoles for Flats into my favorite pair of red loafers and wow, what a comfortable and cushy difference they made too. 

The other nice surprise is that the insoles are so thin, they didn’t make either pair of shoes feel tighter. 

Insoles Are The Way to Go!

I was very happy about how I could stop being distracted by pain and focus on what I needed to do, while still wearing shoes that I liked.

I’m a fan and now you’ll find insoles in all my shoes!

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