Hello Everyone!

Welcome again to my blog.

It has been too long that I have been away and I have been thinking about how as Nurse Practitioner, I can give not only advice about health and health-related issues, but really share more ideas about how we, as women, can live our best lives.

I am a mom, a friend and a professional. In my practice, it isn’t just about exams, diagnosis, and prescriptions. I listen, try to be focused and present and take the time to consider all aspects of someone’s situation.

For instance, when it comes to concerns about sex, there are many factors that impact a woman’s experience, and I find it best to listen without judgment and talk through it.

And now…I’m back and I will have new weekly posts, videos, and even webinars planned.  I will also be starting a Facebook group where we can talk about your experiences, your questions, and your concerns about health and lifestyle.  I think you will find, we are not alone in what’s important to us and the challenges we face, and we’re all looking for joy, fulfillment, and ways to live our best lives while feeling supported along the way.

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