Diet in first trimester

Virtually every pregnant mom I see has a lot of questions about what to eat in pregnancy. If you’re in the first 12 weeks, chances are pretty high that you’re not even the least bit hungry, let alone interested in the banquet of food you’ve been told you need to consume every day.

Just the mere idea of food probably makes you queasy.

I have good news for you. Ready? Your baby is so small in the first 12 weeks, that you don’t need to eat for yourself and an NFL linebacker just yet. Ok?

Right now, you’re in Survival Mode. If you’re tired, feel sea sick, nauseated, and especially if you’ve been vomiting, you are officially excused from having to eat everything suggested. Just do the best you can.
We know that your baby is getting what it needs from you right now. Eating more calories and getting all the suggested nutrients will come naturally later, during in the 2nd trimester, which is when nausea dissipates, appetite improves and your energy level will increase.

Pregnant and Eating for 2 in the 1st Trimester

Try to eat every 2-3 hours even if you’re not hungry. This will help keep your blood sugar stable. Nausea and headaches kick in when you haven’t eaten in while and your blood sugar dips.

Graze – Instead of 3 large meals, try to eat 5-6 small meals or snacks each day.

Rely on nutritional bars and string cheese for quick on the go snacks. Remember, you don’t have to eat the entire amount, just a bite or 2 will keep something in your stomach to quell nausea.

Small sips of drinkable yogurt provides protein and calcium.

Cut up juicy fruits such as melons, pears and grapes will provide a liquids when you don’t feel up to drinking a full glass of water.

Make your own spa waters, by adding lemon and cucumber slices or cut up fruit and basil to a pitcher of water.

If feel sick after taking your prenatal vitamin, try taking it at night. Do talk to your provider about taking it every other night or switching to different brand if it’s causing too much stomach upset.

Be sure to keep toast, crackers, bagels, flour tortillas on hand to help settle your stomach anytime day or night. Just a bite or two is usually enough.

Do call your provider if you’ve been vomiting and/or unable to keep anything down for 6 or more hours.

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