Sending your child off to college in the fall?  This is the Must-Have College Emergency Kit that every freshman will need.

1. Pain Relievers for headaches and eyestrain from all that studying.  Twist- Add your own label: For Ibuprofen or Naproxen, these must be taken with food. For Tylenol or Acetaminophen: never take more than 2 tablets at a time, and no more than 6 each day.

2. Cortisone Cream: Rashes, itches, bug bites and chafing. It happens and this works in minutes

3. Moleskin: Blisters from new shoes, wet shoes or tight shoes. Moleskin to the rescue: Twist: don’t put the moleskin on your foot, put it in the shoe so that the soft part is against your skin.

4. Benefiber, Metamucil or Citrucel:  No more home cooking! All that new cafeteria food can really stop things up, so give your kids the supplies they need just in case.

5. Ear plugs: Who knew that your roommate might be noisy? Skip foam and go directly to wax!  They block more noise but be careful that your child can still hear their alarm for those early morning classes

6. Tummy troubles?  Always, with late-night pizza, fries and whatever beverages are available. Pepto Bismol chewables to the rescue to stop the gurgling, cramps and queasy feeling.

7. Emergen-C:  Speaking of beverages. Hopefully, your child will not be tempted to drink alcohol until 21, but if they are experiencing dehydration or vomiting from any reason, they need to hydrate with something that won’t come right back up. Mix a little Emergen-C into water and take small sips.

8. Headlamp for when the electricity goes out or you don’t want to wake your roommate

9. Cough and cold medicine: Dayquil and Nyquil capsules can mean the difference between spending days in bed missing class and getting enough rest at night and having energy during the day. 

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